Welcome to the HCI Lab

We are a small, dynamic group at the department of computer science and engineering in the University of Nevada, Reno. Our aim is to explore and understand human computer interaction, with a focus in virtual locomotion and accessibility, with an interdisciplinary approach.

To this end, we develop novel techniques to solve the current problems in virtual reality with a focus in virtual locomotion and cyber sickness. Our team collaborates with researchers in the Neuroscience department at the University of Nevada, Reno, whose research focuses on vestibular function, self-motion perception, sensory conflict detection, visual perception, visual processing and gender differences in visual perception.

We are located at the Mack social Science Building at the University of Nevada, Reno, in beautiful Reno, Nevada.

We are grateful for funding from University of Nevada, Reno, the National Science Foundation (NSF), Google, and the Mozilla Foundation.


27. November 2018

Our paper - The Effect of Field-of-View Restriction on Gender Bias in VR Sickness and Spatial Navigation Performance - is published in CHI.

23. October 2018

StereoTrack: 180-degree Low-cost Acoustic Positional Tracking for Mobile VR Platforms is published in CHI Play '18.

23. October 2018

Congratulations to Nathan for publishing his first paper - Evaluation of Handsbusy vs Handsfree Virtual Locomotion - CHI Play '18

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