Group Members


Eelke Folmer

Professor and Chair
email: <efolmer[at]>

  • Ph.D., University of Groningen, The Netherlands, 2005
  • M.S., University of Groningen, The Netherlands, 2001
  • Postdoc University of Alberta

Paul MacNeilage

email: <pmacneilage[at]>

  • Ph.D., Vision Science, University of California Berkeley, 2007
  • B.A., Biological Anthropology, Harvard University, 1996

PhD Students

Isayas Adhanom

PhD Student
email: <iadhanom[at]>

  • B.Sc., Eritrea Institute of Technology
  • M.Sc., University of Nevada, Reno

Aniruddha Prithul

PhD Student
email: <aprithul[at]>

  • B.Sc., Khulna University

Hudson Lynam

PhD Student
email: <hlynam [at]>

  • Georgia Institute of Technology

Masters, Undergraduate and Collaborating Students

This could be you!

Masters student


Nathan Navvaro Griffin

Squanch Games
MS, August 2020
Thesis: Out-Of-Body Locomotion: Vectionless Navigation with a Continuous Avatar Representation

Majed Al Zayer

Ph.D., May 2019
Thesis: Universal Usability of Virtual Reality

Jiwan Bhandari

MS, August 2017
Thesis: Navigating Virtual Environments At Scale

William Grussenmeyer

Microsoft Research
Ph.D., May 2017
Thesis: Making Spatial Information Accessible on Touchscreens

Manju Palathingal

MS, December 2016
Thesis: Exploring the Use of Wearables for Visually Impaired People

Sam Tregillus

MS, August 2016
Thesis: Handsfree Locomotion Techniques for Mobile VR

Ilias Apostolopoulos

Scientific Games
Ph.D., November 2014
Thesis: Wearables for Enabling Indoor Navigation for Blind Users

Halim Cagri Ates

MS, August 2014
Thesis: Immersive Simulation of Visual Impairments

Alexander Fiannaca

Microsoft Research
MS, May 2014
Thesis: Augmenting Perception Capabilities of Blind Users

Burkay Sucu

PC Doctor
MS, May 2014
Thesis: A Haptic Steering Interface

Miran Kim

Spin Games
MS, 2013
Thesis: Non-Intrusive Physical Activity Prediction for Exergames

Tony Morelli

Assistant Prof. Central Michigan University.
Ph.D., 2011
Thesis: Non-Visual Natural User Interfaces

Navid Fallah

Ph.D., 2011
Thesis: Non-Visual Natural User Interfaces

Austin Wester

MS, 2011
Thesis: Unsupervised Game Interface Evaluation

Daniel Ramos

MS, 2011
Thesis: Playing A Game With Supplemental Modalities

Manjari Sapre

Bally Technologies
MS, 2009
Thesis: A Framework for making Virtual Worlds accessible to Visually Impaired

Chris Franklin

MS., 2009
Thesis: Less is More! less Interaction, more Accessibility

Out and About

Team HCI watching Ready Player One @ Century Riverside Theatres.


Team HCI Celebrating christmas @eelke’s. December 2017.

Doing Something Useful

Doing something useful in the lab. October 2018.